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Maria Cocchiarelli

December 16th 2023 through March 16th 2024


I am fascinated by Ms.Cocchiarelli’s artwork, mainly her child-like innocence and bravado which manifests by trying anything new, like the “Public Health is a Puzzle” mural across the street from the Museum or the Rainbow Pet Hospital mural in Kansas City. I am continually astounded by her ability to come clean, no holds barred, her sheer ability to suspend her mind and pull-off the most miraculous and colorful works of art. Another thing I have noticed is her need to include the whole enchilada whether writing a grant for MoF or taking a photograph of her landscape. She is never content with just one word or one photo. It appears to be an on-going vision that includes both the seen and unseen. In this survey she has pulled out all the stops surprising even me by unrolling two or three large works not seen since they were painted. The magnitude of her range as an artist in everything she does is on display here for the discerning eye. 

Brendt Berger, Walsenburg, December 2023


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