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rocky mountain pbs

'Pleas and Petitions': Southern Colorado’s historic struggle for representation

February 2022


the boston globe

Enamelist Jennifer Davis Carey layers daguerreotypes with vivid hues — and humanity.

October 2021


spanish peaks country news

Collaborations and Tangents at the Museum of Friends

September 2021



Walsenburg’s Museum of Friends, The Improbable Gallery turns 10

September 2017

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cpr news

Walsenburg Was ‘Built On Coal.’ But Art Is Helping Fuel Its Future

May 2017

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krtn radio

Museum of Friends Getting Second Wind

December 2015

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modern in denver

Big Art Small Town

December 2015

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brooklyn rail

High Plains Curators-IN CONVERSATION: Brendt Berger with Jim Long

June 2010


World Journal

Courthouse Show: Bill & Jeannette Thach

June 2008

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pueblo chieftain

Walsenburg contemporary art museum opens

October 2007