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The Reach

Throughout the museum you will find works by many of the artists in this exhibit over 1600 works of art. In this gallery is a collection of artists who are connected to the counterculture by their relationship with MoF’s co-founders. We call this gallery and exhibition the Reach.

New friendships formed with artists such as: Andy Libertone, Annamarie Trombetta, Clark Hogan, Dawn Howkinson Siebel, Dick Farley, Florence Neal, Gary Weston, Gerald Jackson, Gina Pollock, Harry Tsuchidana, Jan Wurm, Janet Fish, Jean Genet, Jeff Madeen, Jennifer Davis Carey, Jennifer Doran, Joan Hanley, Joe Slusky, John Wark, Johnathan Singer, Joseph White, Juan Gomez Quiroz, Juane Quick-to-See Smith, Kathleen Umemoto, Katie Hawkinson, Kenny Schneider, Larry Racioppo, Liz Whitney Quisgard, Mary Frances Judge, Merle Leech, Miryana Todorova, Monroe Hodder, Paul Valadez, Ray Espinoza, Reba Lee Savageau, Richard Dennis, Richard Mock, Scott Pfaffman, Shigeo Matsubara, Ted Shafer, Thorton Willis, Julius Tobias and Walter Gurbo, all happened under the roof of the first counterculture museum of art - The Museum of Friends in Walsenburg, Colorado.

The First Museum of Counterculture Art in the United States

The Museum of Friends

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