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School Tour Program

Available for K through 12th grade

Program Offerings



School Tour Program

Group Rates $5.00 per student

Tours available Tuesday through Friday (please book 2 weeks in advance).

Kindergarten to 4th “visual images”

Getting to know our Fine Art Museum

What do we find here? Identifying themes, subject matter in paintings, sculptures. Discussion of other Museums we may have visited

The tour is followed by a hands-on drawing project designed with the teacher.


Middle School

Grade 5 – 8

Art as Communication how do pictures tell a story?

Discussion of Abstract Art and Representational Art, how do artists tell a story.


High School

How do we determine what an artist is trying to communicate?

What are the clues to the meaning? How can art be used to communicate issues that we care about? Working in groups, hands-on design project.

Alternate High School

Same as above


Shop opportunities for collaboration

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