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Activities for Children  2022-2023

Art is the vehicle for learning at MOF and specific to each program’s goal. Guided tours of the current featured exhibits and permanent collection followed with hands-on activities are presented to kindergarten through high school aged students. Special emphasis is placed on healthy choices for recreational activities, Colorado Active Learning Principles and Civic Pride in one’s community. Please visit for a “Menu” listing, a Power-Point Presentation and updated dates and times for the following:


The educational programs are planned for grades Pre-K through 12th and include:


School-Tour Program is offered to pre-kindergarten through high-school aged students. Suggested fee $5.00 per student with fee reduction based on need. Begun in 2007 this is MOF’s oldest running community educational program. The program begins with a pre-visit discussion with participating teacher on the students’ curriculum goals. An exhibit tour is followed by a hands-on project (art or writing,) that integrates the child-centered learning approach with the art experience and curriculum goals (emphasis on STEAM – science, technology, engineering and art). The program meets regularly during the school year, mid-August through the end of May, Tuesday through Thursday.


Head Start and Kindergarten Outreach Program in the Schools.

Suggested fee $10.00 per student with fee reduction based on need.

During pre-visit discussion, students’ needs assessment and abilities are discussed and a hands-on activity is designed for a MOF museum educator to visit the classroom for one or two sessions.


Early Childhood Creativity Summer Program Ages Pre-School – age 5 meets twice weekly beginning early June through mid-august. Suggested fee $10.00 per student with scholarships available. The students work on a variety of painting, drawing, decorating utilitarian objects and movement activities related to the museum’s current exhibitions, with an emphasis on storytelling, literacy, simple math skills, manual dexterity, cognition, recognition of the emotional spectrum and creativity building and its expression.


STEAM on Fridays Art Lab – STEAM as the focus Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math is offered every Friday at 1 pm beginning in early May through the end of the Summer. Projects explore how science, art and math intersect with technology. Students are encouraged to bring their lap tops or I Pads as we create 2 and 3 dimensional art projects while we look at the art of Leonardo da Vinci up to present day artists who were both scientists and artists. Projects include: “birds make flight;” “murals and math”; “the art of seeing – learning perspective and how the use of perspective changed paintings forever.”


Also on Fridays

Friday Art Lab Ages 5-17 (Adopt a Planter Box with Inter-generational Service Learning) Suggested fee $10.00 per student with scholarships available.


This art program focuses on “Service Learning for the Whole Community.” It meets May through November from 1 to 3 pm on Fridays and is intergenerational. “Adopt-a-Box” started out as downtown beautification and became a way for volunteer adults, and senior citizens to work hand in hand with our local children. The planter boxes were designed, built and decorated by the youth and adult volunteers. Local businesses and individuals purchased a planter box as a way to promote art and creativity within our developing youth.

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