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Debra Canale donation of "Vote" to the Museum of Friends

Thank you, Debra Canale for donating such a wonderful piece to our permanent collection! The piece is titled “Vote”, and can be seen upstairs at the Museum of Friends.

"As an artist I wanted to create a painting to honor the centennial of Women’s Right to Vote. I searched through many historical photos and videos that showed what the suffragettes endured to obtain the right to vote. The suffragette movement was more than the right to vote – it was a fight for women’s rights for equality. The path to women’s rights started with the right to vote.

I chose a picture I felt honored these women and depicted what the movement stood for."

Debra Canale studied art at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She relocated to Colorado after Hurricane Katrina. She resides in Trinidad and is an active member of the art community there.

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