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2018: Mixing it up at Miner's Plaza Public Art Making with Scott Pfaffman

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

May 18 through June 15, 2018

Mixing it Up at Miner's Plaza Public Art Making with Scott Pfaffman May 5 through May 18, 2018

Drawings, Photographs, Video and Documentation of the Artist in Residency Community Intervention Project

MoF Exhibitions May 18 through June 15

Also on display:

Architectural Drawings and Restoration Plans for the Roof and Dick Building by Jessica Reske, AIA Historical Photographs of Walsenburg, and Walsenburg Street Design Charette Drawings by Dick Farley Urban Design for Downtown Redesign

Harold Vargas, Gardner & Deborah Durkee, Walsenburg Artists

MoF artists, volunteers and community members worked well-known NYC sculptor Scott Pfaffman on Mixing it Up at Miner’s Plaza.

We engaged community youth and artists to begin a dialogue on what is public art and the role of artists in the community. Participants filled out a questionnaire Mistaken Identity that asked these questions. The intention to begin to use the park that previously went unnoticed and not used by the community as there were barriers to enter.

Working with Scott, Mary Hoffman, Harold Vargas, Ione Glumac, and many other local artists we designed a plan and worked on sculpture and solar light installations from recycled materials donated by neighboring businesses.

Scott Pfaffman is an experienced community artist who has worked with inner city youth on collective outdoor works of art. Scott is an activist and was an ideal visiting artist who inspired and ignited our local Huerfano County youth who are 50% mixed indigenous and Hispanic and live in a rural geographically isolated/ economically disadvantaged community.

Scott was able to create this unique project with our audience over a two week period as we collaborated with other area organizations interested in social action through the arts and beautifying the bleak downtown. This engagement focused on the power of art, creativity, community and change.

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