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2012: Artist in Residence, Zoe Childerley

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Monumental Paintings from the early 1980’s

June 1 through August 15, 2012

The Museum of Friends is organizing its first ever “Artist-in-Residence” program with Zoe Childerley in June and July of 2012.

Zoe is a senior lecturer of Photography and Video at De Montfort University in London and is known for “community arts practice.” For the program “Where’s Walsenburg?” community members will be invited to sit for his/her portrait in the downstairs space of the Museum of Friends on Main and 6th Street.

The site-specific photographic art studio will serve as a space where the interaction of history and biography of the sitter will unfold in unexpected ways. Zoe’s photographs have been exhibited in England and internationally. She has undertaken numerous commissions and residencies, which is how Maria and Brendt of MOF met her. In 2009, MOF sponsored an “artposium” with the Colorado Art Ranch where Zoe and other artists chosen for that year’s residency in Trinidad presented their work. Since that time Maria and Zoe have communicated about this project.

With the help of the Creative Industries (formerly the Colorado Arts Council) and numerous private donations the project is currently being planned. Following the 2-month residency, there will be a culminating exhibition of the works created while Zoe is living and working in Walsenburg. Plans to travel the exhibition to various venues in Colorado are in the works.

Zoe has photographed people in many different environments, interacting with different communities including Jamaican faith groups, Romany travelers and homeless people. Her photographic practice involves both documentary and a more conceptual approach to fully explore and delineate her concepts.

"I am interested in man’s relationship to his history, culture and spirituality, what unites and divides us, embracing emotional subjectivity. My work reflects a vision of the world concerned with uncertainty and loss and how we make sense of this through humor and reflection."

The Land of Milk and Honey, Zoe Childerley


June 22, Friday, 5:30 to 7pm -“Artists Talk on Art” Series. Zoe Childerley, will show images of her work with discussion following.

July 5, Thursday, 5:30 to 7pm – Photography Workshop “How to take a good photo” with Zoe and contribute your images to the Where’s Walsenburg community Program.

July 20, Friday, 5:30 to 7pm – “Artists Talk on Art” Series. An overview of the images created during Zoe’s artist-in-residence program “Where’s Walsenburg” and participants’ images from the workshop.

August 24, Friday, 6pm to 8pm – EXHIBITION OPENING, Where’s Walsenburg? The images of Zoe Childerley with an exhibition of “Portraits from the Heart” by Eudora Welty

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