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Blue Sage Center for the Arts
Story Share 2023


Story sharing is one of the most powerful ways we connect to ourselves, to others, and to the human experience. Our goal with Story Share is to bring various segments of the community together through the stories, to create a safe space to tell stories, listen to the stories of others, and build empathy for one another. Collaboration between community members: Storytellers, Visual Artists, Writers, and Improv Theater bringing a story to life. Community members share their story.


Then a four-way exchange brings story to life through the arts. The metamorphosis begins when a community member shares their story. Then the creativity starts with different community populations and different art forms. A writer will take the original story and transform the original tale into a work of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or song writing. A visual artist paints an image or takes a photo inspired by the original story and then the story is interpreted through improv.

2022 Story Share.jpg

Joanne Peterson's Story

Story Share 2022 - Paonia, CO

Kevin Parks' Story

The program culminates with a community event in September. The artwork will be on display, the original story will be shared, students and adult writers will tell their stories and then Playback Theatre will do an improv with their interpretation.

This project’s goal is to bring various segments of the community together through the power of story. We will also be using the videos, written pieces and visual art as part of the Smithsonian exhibit “Crossroads: Change in Rural America” we hope to help build a bridge between local factions. If we once thought we had little in common, Story Share will illuminate how so many of us share similar stories or can relate to the stories of others, illustrating that a community needs all kinds of people to thrive and grow.

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