Mission Statement

Core to MOF’s mission is Brendt and Maria’s philosophy that there is more meaning to collecting art than its appraisal as an investment.  The Mission of the MOF is to share the art which was freely given to the founders as well as their love and knowledge of art  through museum and satellite art exhibitions, on-site and outreach education programs, a reference library, an interactive web site There is another mission as well.  The Walsenburg is in an ideal position to attract  travelers interested in art. The community is located on I-25 the main highway between Denver, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is also part of the “Scenic Highway of Legends” which is a historical and cultural tourist destination. Brendt and Maria believe that the MOF can also be a catalyst to attract other art and cultural facilities and organizations for both residents and visitors to enjoy. COLLECTION OVERVIEW The more than 600 pieces of art on exhibit at the MOF include paintings, drawings,  photographs, sculptures, and artifacts that were presented as gifts to Brendt Berger beginning in 1959 to 2008 and to Maria Cocchiarelli-Berger starting in 1978 to 2008.  Many of the artists who provided this art were friends of Brendt and Maria while they lived in New York.  One very unique part of the collection, housed in what is known as The Pacific Rooms, include items related to Brendt Berger’s Hawaiian ancestry as well as other items  collected from the Pacific Rim. PROGRAMS The MOF offers far more than a static presentation of contemporary art. A full schedule of on-site and outreach activities take place including school tours of the museum geared to the specific to the curriculum goals of the organizing teacher followed by a hands-on writing or drawing activity.  weeks in advance. Each Tuesday is Toddler Tuesday, featuring a creativity session designed for the toddler and parent.